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Mastering Your Tools: Becoming a Better Programmer Without Any Programming

This post talks about how you can be a better programmer without actually learning any programming! I want to make a case for actively and consciously trying to master your tools as a way to improve your ability as a programmer while also looking like a wizard-hacker.

Dive Into Dotfiles Part 2

Following up on the first article which introduces dotfiles, this one dives into the common challenges to managing dotfiles effectively. We look at approaches to organizing them, techniques to keep them in sync, bootstrapping fresh systems, committing them to version control, etc.

Dive Into Dotfiles Part 1

This article looks at the very basic elements of customizing your dotfiles and stepping up your workflows. We look at defining custom aliases and functions, and the rationale behind checking your dotfiles into version control. The article concludes with a few references to good dotfile repositories and a taste of things to come.