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My 2020 in Tech

2020 has easily been the most profound year for me as a tech enthusiast. I graduated with a CS degree, got an amazing job, picked up 2 new languages (Go and Clojure), revisited 2 other langauges that I thought I knew but clearly didn’t (C and Rust), and explored many new domains (most notably cybersecurity and cloud engineering). This post is a loosely organized collection of my thoughts and experiences related to each of these items, as well as some insight into how I achieved some of the things I achieved this year.

So if you’re going to be kind enough to indulge me, let’s start talking!

Mastering Your Tools: Becoming a Better Programmer Without Any Programming

This post talks about how you can be a better programmer without actually learning any programming! I want to make a case for actively and consciously trying to master your tools as a way to improve your ability as a programmer while also looking like a wizard-hacker.