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Google CTF 2022: Treebox

This is the write-up for Treebox, one of the easier Sandbox Escape challenges from Google CTF 2022.

The challenge statement says, “I think I finally got Python sandboxing right.”, and we’re provided with a hostname/port pair and (conveniently) the source code of the sandbox. The flag is in a file called flag in the current working directory of the sandbox process.

Extending The Python Debugger

For a little while now I’ve had this itch with pdb that I’ve been wanting to scratch. I wanted a limited version of the hooks feature from gdb so that I can automatically execute debugger commands each time execution stops. Today, I ended up scratching that itch by extending Pdb and coding in the functionality I needed. This post talks about how I did so and also covers a loosely organized collection of related Python debugger tricks that you may find useful (or at least fascinating).